Gay Cock Worship

Hey, Welcome to Gay Cock Worship.  I love black dick!  I really do.  Long, fat, veiny, throbbing and beautiful.  This Gay Porn Directory is dedicated to the absolute power and worship of black dicks and the Gods that swing them.  I want this site to be interracial as the tone, but as you will find.  You will find a little bit of everything here.  I hope you dig what I am creating and please enjoy yourself while you are here.

News – My friend Ezekiel will be handling this site.  I’m going to start reskinning everything in the next couple of months.  I want this site to be at least functional, ya know.  That will happen next month.  My tube is the only thing open, really.

Popper head and Cock sucker

I’m a Popper head and Cock sucker, first and foremost.  I’ve known Chaz since the late 2010’s and am pretty stoked that he trusts me with this directory.  About me and my preferences..  I love black guys or dirty thugish white guys.  I love being submissive to them and just really letting my hair down and sucking whoever’s dick until they cum in my mouth.  I’ll drink it if I’m poppered the fuck up.  I might even let a black guy fuck this tight old white ass if he gets me hot enough.  I dig verbal.  I like to ask them to “get me pregnant” sometimes when they’re pounding away..  But in reality, as far as butt fucking, I’ve only had someone really fuck my brains out a couple of times and that was on meth and yeah.  Great times, great “jack off” memories.

I don’t do any kissing or touching or whatever.  It’s usually come in, small talk, cock worship then leave.  I like it that way.  I don’t form emotional bonds with men, I really have no desire too.  I’ll die married though probably, I adore women too much.  This is my struggle.

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